Promotion of Young Researchers

SAFE promotes Ph.D. students in cooperation with the Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM).

The GSEFM is a joint graduate school of Goethe University and the universities of Mainz and Darmstadt. It offers structured Ph.D. programs in economics, finance, law and finance, management, and marketing that introduce students to the research realm via a course phase of one or two years. A worldwide recruiting of excellent students is the main key to the GSEFM’s success. At the moment, Ph.D. students come from more than 40 countries from all continents.

SAFE offers Ph.D. students several opportunities according to a multi-stage model: they can apply for a scholarship for the first year at the GSEFM, followed by a part time job as Research Assistant that actively integrates them into the ongoing research projects (see current job offers).

On being employed, every young researcher will collaborate with a mentor within SAFE. Mentors will offer advice, especially with regard to publications and researcher networks. Furthermore, post-graduates and assistant professors will be integrated into the seminar series and events of the research program and the Policy Center. They will also be given the opportunity to invite external researchers within the framework of the SAFE visitors program to work on their research subjects.

SAFE Coordinator Young Researchers: Prof. Dr. Christian Schlag