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Beitragsgarantien in der kapitalgedeckten Altersversorgung: Ein Reformvorschlag in Zeiten des Niedrigzinsniveaus

Andreas Hackethal, Raimond Maurer Household Finance White Paper No. 75, 2020 2020 Private Altersvorsorge, Beitragsgarantien, Riester-Rente, Niedrigzinsen

Inflation, Inflationsmessung und Zentralbankpolitik

Eren Gürer, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Macro Finance Policy Letter No. 89, 2020 2020 Inflation, Zentralbankpolitik, Inflationsmessung, Geldpolitik, EZB

What are the wider supervisory implications of the Wirecard case?

Jan Pieter Krahnen, Katja Langenbucher, Christian Leuz, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets White Paper No. 74, 2020 2020 Wirecard, Supervisory Achitecture, Auditing, Internal Controls, Market Oversight , Investor Protection, Market Integrity

Plug the gap: Make resolution ready for corona

Thomas Huertas Law and Finance White Paper No. 73, 2020 2020 Resolution, Covid-19, Banking Crisis

Equilibrium Asset Pricing in Directed Networks

Nicole Branger, Patrick Konermann, Christoph Meinerding, Christian Schlag Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab forthcoming in Review of Finance, 2020 2020 Dynamic Networks, Mutually Exciting Processes, Asset Pricing, General Equilibrium, Recursive Preferences


A blueprint for future crises

On the first day of the Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy 2020, the "Next Generation EU" recovery fund is discussed online and how it... [more]

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