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On the first day of the Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy 2020, the "Next Generation EU" recovery fund is discussed online and how it will change Europe politically.

New model promises higher old-age provision, fee income and tax revenue as well as compatibility with the Pan-European Personal Pension Product

The effectiveness of measures to contain Covid-19 depends on the time of implementation.

On four online conference days, academics and representatives from European politics will discuss the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for the financial world.

In a SAFE-IBF Policy Web Seminar, experts analyze the obstacles concerning tax obligations for companies

International financial and legal researchers break down what politics can do to better protect markets and investors against corporate fraud in the future.

SAFE Director sees the current monetary policy decision of the European Central Bank as an opportunity to relieve the banks in the eurozone

In a SAFE Policy Web Seminar economists Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan explain how globalization and demographic change affect the world economy

SAFE researchers answer consumer questions on artificial intelligence in companies and the financial sector, fintechs, and investments

Young people have to cope with lower earning opportunities in the long term. Poorer households are more affected.