About the Policy Center

The Policy Center is the second pillar of SAFE and complements the research departments.

The SAFE Policy Center maintains a continuous dialogue with policymakers and regulators in Germany and Europe. It overcomes the common separation of academia and the political realm in the area of financial market development. Policy recommendations of all researchers active in the Policy Center are based on new scientific findings in their special research area. A strict code of conduct and transparency assures the neutrality of the Center’s policy advice.

Formats of the Policy Center include publications and events. SAFE researchers comment on current financial market topics in the Policy Paper and White Paper series and in the online SAFE Finance Blog. Internationally recognized researchers and high-ranking representatives from politics, economics and supervision share their insights and best practice expertise at SAFE policy lectures and conferences with interested professionals and academics. The Summer Academy offers special trainings on financial markets regulation for staff of parliaments and governments of Wiesbaden, Berlin and Brussels. Closed-shop events and individual consultation for decision makers from Berlin and Brussels provide the forum for direct dialogue.

The Policy Center is supported by the SAFE Policy Advisory Council, an advisory committee of distinguished, internationally recognized experts of financial market dynamics and regulation.


Code of Ethics