Researcher Project Category Funded by Project Duration Keywords Project ID Publication Count
Kevin Bauer, Yan Chen, Florian Hett, Michael Kosfeld Social Identity Bias in Information Processing and Information Demand Experiment Center, Household Finance SAFE 2020 232405 0
Besart Avdiu, Patrick Blank, Matthias Goldmann, Eren Gürer, Johannes Kasinger, Alexander Ludwig, Farah Tohme, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Fiscal Institutions & Debt in Europe Macro Finance SAFE 2020 Public debt, federalism in Europe, fiscal policy 153102 1
Andrej Gill, Florian Hett Experiential Learning Through FinTech Applications Experiment Center, Household Finance SAFE 2020 experiential learning, goal setting, personal finance management, financial literacy, overconfidence 232404 0
Christian Mücke, Loriana Pelizzon, Vincenzo Pezone, Anjan Thakor The Capital Purchase Program and Board Appointment Financial Intermediation SAFE 2020 Bail Out, Board Appointments, TARP, Capital Ratio 123104 0
Fabian Braun, Andrej Gill, Andreas Hackethal, Florian Hett, Michael Kosfeld, Christine Laudenbach Household Cash Management Household Finance SAFE 2020 Short-term and long-term consumption response to systematic income shocks, liquid hand-to-mouth, behavioral measurement, time preferences, bounded rationality, robust heterogeneity, structural behavioral, experiential learning, goal setting, financial li 143104 0
Virginia Gianinazzi, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Davide Tomio Securities Lending and Quantitative Easing Financial Markets SAFE 2020 Quantitative Easing, Security Lending Facility, Repo Market 133103 0
Julian Detemple, Michael Kosfeld Collective Action and Institution Formation - The Role of Group Size Experiment Center, Household Finance SAFE 2020 232403 0
Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Sehrish Usman Saving in Dynamic Life-Cycles Models Household Finance SAFE 2020 Household Finance, Individual retirement accounts, private and public pensions, Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice, Taxation, Financial regulation, Welfare analysis, Longevity Risk, Pan European Pension Product 143101 0
Andreas Hackethal, Michael Kirchler, Christine Laudenbach, Michael Razen, Annika Weber On the (Ir)Relevance of Monetary Incentivization in Risk Preference Elicitation Experiments Household Finance SAFE 2020 behavioral measurement, risk preferences, incentives in risk experiments 143103 1
Victor Klockmann, Marie-Claire Villeval, Alicia von Schenk Moral (Mis)Behavior in the Era of Big Data Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE 2020 232402 0
Victor Klockmann, Marie-Claire Villeval, Alicia von Schenk Moral Decisions and the Externality of AI Usage Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE 2020 232401 0
Elsa Massoc, Tobias Tröger Crises, Anti-Finance Opinions and Populisms in Europe Financial Intermediation SAFE 2020 Crises, Public opinion, Finance, Policymaking, Populism 123103 0
Zafar Basit, Ester Faia, Andreas Fuster, Vincenzo Pezone Self Deception in Pandemics Law and Finance SAFE 2020 173101 0
Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz Digitalization of the Financial System Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center SAFE 2020 Digital economics; Artificial intelligence; Human machine interaction; Algorithmic Unfairness; Hybrid human-machine behavior; Algorithms; Machine Learning, Decision Making; 123101 1
Matteo Bagnara, Nicole Branger, Mariano Massimiliano Croce, Robert F. Dittmar, Holger Kraft, Satchit Sagade, Christian Schlag, Ivan Shaliastovich, Julian Thimme, Rüdiger Weber Risk Pricing & Trading Financial Markets SAFE 2020 Market microstructure, asset pricing, macrofinance, sustainable finance, Green bonds, ETF, systemic risk, intermediary asset pricing 133101 0
Sandra Eckert, Vincent R. Lindner, Christian May, Daniel Mertens, Andreas Nölke, Matthias Thiemann, Claudius Wagemann Economic & Monetary Union at a Crossroad Macro Finance SAFE 2020 "Economic and Monetary Union, monetary system, reform, political economy, bail-in, non-performing loans, fiscal policies, Eurobonds, fiscal transfers, trade imbalances, Euroexit, 153101 0
Stefano Battiston, Monica Billio, Nuno Cassola, Vittoria Cerasi, Michele Costola, Enrica De Cian, Iva Hristova, Matteo Manera, Irene Monasterolo, Claudio Morana, Loriana Pelizzon ESG Factors and Climate Change for Credit Analysis and Rating Financial Markets EIB Institute 2019 1
Elsa Massoc Banking on States – The Divergent European Trajectories of Finance after the Crisis Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2019 Banks, states, regulation, post-crisis, institutions 123102 1
Mila Getmansky Sherman, Christian Kubitza, Loriana Pelizzon, Haoxiang Zhu EMIR Bridge Programme for Data Science Systemic Risk Lab ESRB 2019 0
Helmut Gründl, Fabian Regele Asset Concentration Risk and Insurance Solvency Regulation Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2019 Asset Concentration Risk, Name Concentration Risk, Sector Concentration Risk, Systematic Risk, Idiosyncratic Risk, Insurance Regulation, Solvency II, Global Insurance Capital Standards (ICS) 21134 0
Benjamin M. Abdel-Karim, Oliver Hinz, Nicolas Winfried Pfeuffer Algorithmic Discrimination Financial Markets LOEWE 2019 Algorithmic ,discrimination, data mining 21430 0
Loriana Pelizzon, Zorka Simon Institutional Choice between Funding Markets: Repo vs. Securities Lending Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2019 Funding market, Repurchase agreements, Securities lending, Collateral, HQLA, Funding liquidity 22524 0
Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft, André Meyer-Wehmann Consumption-Portfolio-Housing Choice with Reverse Mortgages Household Finance LOEWE 2019 Reverse mortgages, consumption-portfolio choice, stochastic opportunity set, 21333 1
Marie Lalanne Networks and Corporate Governance Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2019 Social Networks, Job Referrals, Gender, Boards of Directors, Executives, Corporate Governance 21231 0
Mila Getmansky Sherman, Xu Liu, Loriana Pelizzon, Martin Scheicher, Zorka Simon, Haoxiang Zhu EMIR and MIFID II Regulatory Reform Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2019 OTC market, Interest rate swaps, CCP, sovereign bond market 22525 1
Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide Internalization in a Post-MiFID 2 World Financial Markets LOEWE 2019 Internalization; Liquidity; Price Efficiency; Cream-Skimming; MiFID 2; Best Execution; High-Frequency Trading 21428 0
Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Michael Kirchler, Christine Laudenbach, Steffen Meyer, Thomas Pauls, Annika Weber, Utz Weitzel Finanzforum - Panel Rounds 2,3 and 4 and Corresponding Projects Household Finance LOEWE 2019 Panel survey merged with administrative data, RCTs, experiments, surveys, topics: role of financial advice, pension planning, preferences and beliefs 21332 1
Zhuoer Qiu, Bernd Skiera, Simone Wies How do Startups Grow? Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2019 Startup Growth, New Ventures, Organizational Competences, Marketing Competence, Growth Pattern, Venture Capital, Human Capital, Startup Performance, Startup Survival 21233 0
Yangming Bao, Martin Götz, Di Lu, Thorsten Schank Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Firms Law and Finance LOEWE 2019 Corporate Governance, Firm Performance, Gender Diversity, Human Capital, Cultural Revolution 21232 0
Leo Kaas, Georgi Kocharkov, Philipp Marek, Nicolas Syrichas German Real Estate Prices and Rents Across Space and Time Macro Finance LOEWE 2019 Housing markets, rental markets, residential segregation, homeownership 21529 0
Wenhui Li, Peter Ockenfels, Christian Wilde Experimental Asset Markets - Price Formation in the Presence of Ambiguity Financial Markets, Experiment Center SAFE 2019 Experimental asset markets, information transmission, price formation, ambiguity 133102 1
Andrej Gill, Florian Hett Using Behavioral Experiments to Capture Time Inconsistency in Households Financial Decision Making Household Finance, Experiment Center LOEWE 2019 financial mistakes, transaction data, household finance, time-inconsistency, present bias, time preferences, online experiment, preference heterogeneity 21337 0
Michele Costola, Xu Liu, Steven Ongena, Loriana Pelizzon, Anjan Thakor, Calebe de Roure Credit Supply and Demand, Monetary Policy and P2P Lending Household Finance, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2019 Peer-to-Peer Lending, Credit Supply, Monetary Policy 21334 1
Yuma Iwase, Bernd Skiera, Simone Wies The Role of Analyst Style in Earnings Conference Calls Law and Finance LOEWE 2019 21234 0
Ester Faia, Jialei Lu, Maximilian Mayer, Vincenzo Pezone, Yiran Wei The Role of Network Connections for CEO Compensation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Changes in Inter-Locking Laws in US and Italy Law and Finance LOEWE 2019 CEO compensation, network connections, Boardex data, quasi-experimental evidence, inter-locking regulation, assortative matching, talents, Nash bargaining. 21229 1
Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal, Dominique Lammer Asset Class Participation and the Effect of Peer Performance on Allocation Household Finance LOEWE 2019 Stock market participation, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, peer-effects, behavioral finance, household finance, individual investors 21336 0
Claes Bäckman, Tobin Hanspal, Josefin Kilman Anticipation Effects in Macroprudential Policies: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Household Finance LOEWE 2019 Macroprudential policy, Amortization requirements, Housing Affordability; Natural experiment 21335 0
Stephanie Collet, Caroline Fohlin Financial History Database: The Great Depression Data Center LOEWE 2019 Financial History, German Stock Market, Microstructure, Great Depression 22365 0
Constantin Hanenberg, Christian Schlag, Ivan Shaliastovich, Amir Yaron A New Look at Market Volatility and Market Risk Premia Financial Markets LOEWE 2019 Idiosyncratic market risk, expected returns, option prices, present-value model 21427 0
Renée Adams, Thomas Mosk Financial Regulation: What the Finance Industry Wants and How It Gets It LOEWE 2019 21900 0
Reint Gropp, Thomas Mosk, Steven Ongena, Ines Simac, Carlo Wix Arbitraging Regulatory Bank Capital: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment LOEWE 2019 21900 0
Rainer Haselmann, Casimiro Antonio Nigro, Tobias Tröger Foundations of Law and Finance Law and Finance, Financial Intermediation DFG 2018 21291 1
Tim Alexander Kroencke, Maik Schmeling, Andreas Schrimpf, Mengjie Shi The FOMC Risk Shift Financial Markets LOEWE 2018 monetary policy, policy shocks, risk premia, risk appetite, fund flows 21426 0
Daniel Mertens, Matthias Thiemann The Rise of Promotional / Development Banks in Contemporary Europe: Potentials and Pitfalls Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2018 market failure, industrial policy, promotional banks 21132 0
Milad Goodarzi, Christian Schlag, Rüdiger Weber Information in Option Prices Financial Markets LOEWE 2018 Option prices, information, equilbirium model, preferences 21425 1
Fabian Brandt, Stephanie Collet, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Wolfgang König, Alexander Peukert, Lukas Manuel Ranft, Helmut Siekmann, Uwe Walz, Julian Zimara Historical High-Quality Company-Level Data for Europe (EURHISFIRM) Data Center EU – Horizon 2020 2018 22391 1
Dennis Gram, Lennart Kraft, Uwe Risch, Uwe Walz Financial Data Repository (FiF) Data Center DFG 2018 22392 1
Fabian Becker, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Zhao Jin, Chiara Lacava, Alexander Ludwig, Irina Popova, Paul Reimers, Hitoshi Tsujiyama Trends in Inequality: Sources and Policy (TRISP) Macro Finance DFG 2018 21593 1
Marco Angheben, Andrea Bedin, Luca Bertalot, Monica Billio, Stella Fumarola, Iva Hristova, Vincent Mathieu, Christian Mücke, Matthias Neumann, Loriana Pelizzon, Max Riedel EeDaPP - Energy Efficiency Data Protocol and Portal Systemic Risk Lab EU – Horizon 2020 2018 22592 1
Baptiste Massenot, Giang Nghiem, Nathanael Vellekoop Macroeconomic Experience and Precautionary Savings Macro Finance LOEWE 2018 Macroeconomic experience, Reinforcement learning, Precautionary savings 21525 0
Ester Faia, Sören Karau, Vincenzo Pezone, Yiran Wei Firm-Level Distributional Consequences of Monetary Policy and Wage Bargaining Agreements Money and Finance LOEWE 2018 firms' allocation effiency, distributional consequences of monetary policy, wages bargaining, nominal rigidities, employee-employer match dataset. 21228 1
David Love, Giang Nghiem, Nathanael Vellekoop Explaining Non-participation in an Employee Savings Plan: Evidence from Administrative Data Household Finance LOEWE 2018 Household savings, non-participation, administrative data 21331 0
Gregor Becker, Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal The Consumption Response to Stock Market Wealth Household Finance LOEWE 2018 Permanent Income Hypothesis, Marginal Propensity to Consume, Personal Financial Management 21327 1
Peter Gomber, Thomas Johann, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Francesco Poli, Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide MiFID II: A First Empirical Evaluation of its Effects on Equity Markets Financial Markets LOEWE 2018 21620 1
Giuliano Curatola, Ilya Dergunov, Christian Schlag Optimism, Pessimism, Disagreement and Stock Returns Financial Markets LOEWE 2018 eneral equilibrium; preference interdependence; international capital markets; portfolios. 21423 0
Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Andreas Hackethal, Johannes Kasinger, Christine Laudenbach, Charline Uhr Rentencockpit/Pensions Dashboard - Promoting Individual Pension Transparency Household Finance LOEWE 2018 pensions dashboard, financial sophistication, financial literacy, pension planning, field experiment, FinTech, rational inattention 21325 0
Giuliano Curatola, Gustavo Grebler, Tobias Tröger Economically Rational Corporate Takeovers Law and Finance LOEWE 2018 Corporate Takeover. Market Rule. Equal Opportunity Rule. Equal Treatment of Shareholders. Control Premium. Mandatory Takeover Bid. Tender Offer. Willians Act. 13th Directive. Directive EC/25/2004. Sale of Control. Efficient Portfolio. Modern Portfolio The 21226 0
Andreas Hackethal, Benjamin Loos, Alessandro Previtero Robo-Advisers and Investor Behavior Household Finance LOEWE 2018 Robo-advice, Financial advisors, Invdividual Investors, Financial Technology, Financial Inclusion, Risk Taking, Behavioral Biases. 21326 0
Jannis Bischof The Regulation of Loan Loss Provisioning and Banks' Real Activities Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2018 Financial Reporting, Financial Stability, Financial Institutions, Loan Loss Provisions, Incurred Loss Model, Expected Loss Model, Credit Risk, IAS 39, IFRS 9 21130 1
Aleksey Kolokolov, Davide Pirino, Roberto Renò Econometric Methods for High-Frequency Financial Data Analysis Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2018 High-frequency data, continuous-time asset price modelling, semimartingale hypothesis, jump activity, flat trading 21424 1
Matthias Goldmann, Grygoriy Pustovit, Seo Young Shin The Transformation of Public Interests in Sovereign Debt Disputes – An Empirical Analysis Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2018 Sovereign debt, holdout litigation, empirical legal studies, comparative law, public interest 21138 0
Stephanie Collet, Dennis Gram, Alexander Hillert, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz Financial History Database: German Firm Data and Research 1920-1940 Data Center LOEWE 2018 Financial History, Corporate Finance, German Firms, M&A, Connections, Great Depression, 1929 Crash, Hyperinflation 22364 0
Mario Bellia, Patrice Fontaine, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Terrence John Hendershott, Aleksey Kolokolov, Andrea Modena, Loriana Pelizzon, Francesco Poli, Satchit Sagade, Peter Sarlin, Michael Schneider, Jean-Pierre Zigrand Digging into High Frequency Data: Present and Future Risks and Opportunities Systemic Risk Lab, Data Center, Financial Markets DFG 2017 22590 1
Giuliano Curatola, Ilya Dergunov, Alessandro Gioffré, Roberto Panzica Preference Heterogeneity, Non-Price-Taking Behavior and Asset Prices Household Finance, Financial Markets LOEWE 2017 Networks, social interactions, asset prices 21650 0
Satyajit Dutt, Nathanael Vellekoop, Mirko Wiederholt Inflation Expectations and Household Consumption Behavior Household Finance LOEWE 2017 Inflation expectations; household savings; panel data; monetary economics 143102 1
Renée Adams, Andreas Grunewald, Ferdinand von Siemens Gender Diversity, Decision Rules, and the Risk Appetite of Teams Law and Finance, Experiment Center LOEWE 2017 Corporate Boards, Gender Diversity, Risk Taking, Banking, Teams 21223 0
Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Assessing the Impact of Mandatory Financial Guarantees in Individual Retirement Accounts on Saving, Work, and Retiree Wellbeing: The Case of German Riester Plans Household Finance LOEWE 2017 Household Finance, Riester Pension Plans, Individual Retirement Accounts, Money-back Guarantees, Pension Regulation, Welfare analysis, Longevity Risk, Annuities, Social Security Claiming, Lifecycle Portfolio Choice 21320 1
Satchit Sagade, Christian Westheide Competition-Enhancing Changes in Secondary Corporate Bonds Financial Markets LOEWE 2017 competition, corporate bond, liquidity 21640 1
Helmut Gründl, Christian Kubitza, Fabian Regele Systemically Relevant Business Activities of Insurance Companies Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2017 Systemic Risk, Conditional Shortfall Probability, ΔCoVaR, Marginal Expected Shortfall, Risk Management, Insurance Activities, Financial Stability 21127 0
Alexander Ludwig, Jochen Mankart, Jorge Alejandro Quintana, Mirko Wiederholt On the Interactions Between Monetary Policy, Distributions and General Equilibrium Macro Finance, Money and Finance LOEWE 2017 Monetary policy; general equilibrium; distribution; heterogeneous agents; New Keynesian models 21523 0
Ilya Dergunov, Christoph Meinerding, Christian Schlag The Informational Role of Inflation for Real Asset Prices Financial Markets LOEWE 2017 Inflation, recursive preferences, filtering, equilibrium asset pricing 21422 0
Andrej Gill, Florian Hett, Johannes Tischer Financial Decision Making and Present Bias Household Finance, Experiment Center LOEWE 2017 financial mistakes, transaction data, household finance, time-inconsistency, present bias, time preferences, online experiment, randomized controlled trial, preference heterogeneity, commitment devices, nudging 21321 1
Andrej Gill, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz The Dynamics of (De-)Listing Decisions – The Impact of Regulatory Changes and Economic Policy Events in Germany 1870-1933 Financial Markets LOEWE 2017 Corporate Governance, Going Public, Going Private, Historical Data, Regulation 21225 0
Gabriela Alves Werb, Daniel Blaseg, Elham Maleki, Daniel M. Ringel, Bernd Skiera A New Approach to Analyze the Retail Banking Market and its Development Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2017 Financial Markets, Fintech, Market Definition, Market Analysis, Market Structure, Market Evolution, Competition, Market Visualization 21129 0
Michael P. Evers, Markus Kontny Solving Nonlinear Expectations Models by Approximating the Stochastic Equilibrium System: Application to Global Solution Methods Macro Finance LOEWE 2016 Solving stochastic dynamic equilibrium models; Global solution methods; Uncertainty in econcomic modelling; Risk decomposition of the solution 21521 0
Alexander Hillert, Anja Kunzmann, Stefan Ruenzi M&A(dvertising) Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 mergers and acquisitions, advertising, investor attention, overvaluation, managerial opportunistic behavior 21124 0
Christoph Meinerding, Nikolai Roussanov, Christian Schlag, Ivan Shaliastovich Globalization and International Financial Markets Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 international trade networks; asset pricing; 21420 0
Matthias Goldmann, Grygoriy Pustovit Stability through Deliberation: Finance and Public Law Financial Intermediation, Macro Finance Volkswagen Stiftung 2016 21193 1
Satyajit Dutt, David Love, Henriette Prast, Nathanael Vellekoop How do Households Learn to Use a New Financial Product? Savings Behavior in the Plan, Crowd-Out, and the Role of Social Interactions Household Finance LOEWE 2016 financial products, household savings, crowd-out, social interactions, administrative data 21921 0
Ryan Riordan, Satchit Sagade, Christian Westheide Exchange Systems and International Comovement of Return and Liquidity Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 Stock exchange systems, non-fundamental comovement, market integration, excess comovement, commonality, algorithmic trading 21922 0
Luca Enriques, Tobias Tröger The Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions: A Comparative Analysis Law and Finance LOEWE 2016 related party transactions, tunneling, controlling shareholders, agency costs, capital market development 21220 1
Rainer Haselmann, Lara Milione, Tobias Tröger The Impact of Structural Reform Proposals Law and Finance LOEWE 2016 banking separation, Volcker Rule, ring fencing, Liikanen report, event study 21221 0
Peter Gomber, Satchit Sagade, Christian Westheide The Impact of Introducing Intraday Auctions on LSE Financial Markets, Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Nicole Branger, Liu Liu, Christian Schlag, Ivan Shaliastovich, Dongho Song Macroeconomic Bond Risks in the Presence of the Zero Lower Bound Financial Markets, Macro Finance LOEWE 2016 Macrofinance, bond pricing, market expectations, inflation, growth 21630 1
Alejandro Bernales, Richard Payne, Satchit Sagade, Christian Westheide The Role of Tick Size in Market Quality and in SME Financing Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Alejandro Bernales, Jasmin Gider, Peter Gomber, Martin Haferkorn, Satchit Sagade, Stefan Scharnowski, Simon N. M. Schmickler, Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide Innovations in Secondary Markets and their Impact on Market Quality Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 high frequency trading, competition, intermediation, order anticipation 21640 1
Monika Gehde-Trapp, Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide Behavior of Designated Market Makers (DMMs) in Electronic Limit Order Markets and their Role in Enhancing Liquidity of SME Stocks Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Loriana Pelizzon, Ryan Riordan, Satchit Sagade, Marti Subrahmanyam, Jun Uno, Jan Viebig, Christian Westheide An Examination of the Strategic Behavior of High-Frequency Traders (HFTs) Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Alexander Ludwig, Alexander Monge-Naranjo, Ctirad Slavik, Faisal Sohail Financial Frictions and Inequality Macro Finance, Household Finance LOEWE 2016 21670 1
Olga Goldfayn, Nathanael Vellekoop Social Networks and Informal Lines of Credit Household Finance, Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2016 Personality; Household consumption and Savings 21650 1
Rainer Haselmann, Nora Marija Laurinaityte, Vikrant Vig, Christine Zulehner The Effect of Regulation on Banks’ Market Structure Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2016 bank regulation, model based regulation, bank competition 21600 1
Peter Ockenfels, Christian Wilde Experimental Asset Markets – Regulation and Design of Fragmented Markets Financial Markets, Experiment Center LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Wenhui Li, Peter Ockenfels, Christian Wilde Financial Interactions in the Presence of Ambiguity Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center LOEWE 2016 21650 1
Douglas Cumming, Christian Eufinger, Andrej Gill, David Heller, Jan Krzyzanowski, Uwe Walz Banking Structure and Dynamics of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center LOEWE 2016 21640 1
Satchit Sagade, Stefan Scharnowski, Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide The Effect of EU Short Selling Regulations on Liquidity and Price Efficiency Financial Markets LOEWE 2016 21620 1
Nicole Branger, Patrick Konermann, Christoph Meinerding, Christian Schlag Network Connectivity and General Equilibrium Asset Prices Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2016 Asset pricing, general equilibrium, recursive preferences, dynamic networks, mutually exciting processes, directed shocks 21610 1
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Zhao Jin, Alexander Ludwig Inequality and Assortative Matching Macro Finance, Household Finance LOEWE 2016 21670 1
Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft Non-Financial Life-Cycle Decisions and their Impact on Consumption-Portfolio Choice with Unspanned Labor Income Household Finance DFG 2016 21392 1
Helmut Gründl, Jan-Hendrik Weinert The Modern Tontine: An Innovative Instrument for Longevity Provision in an Ageing Society Financial Intermediation DVfVW 2015 21192 1
Loriana Pelizzon Systemic Risk Dashboard Data Center, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2015 12128 0
Monica Billio, Lorenzo Frattarolo, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Dale F. Gray, Andrew Lo, Robert Merton, Loriana Pelizzon, Michael Schmidt Sovereign, Bank and Insurance Credit Spread: Connectedness and System Networks Macro Finance, Systemic Risk Lab LOEWE 2014 12124 0
Martin Götz, Dominic Hirschbühl, Christian Mücke, Loriana Pelizzon Systemic Financial Risk Platform (SFRP) – A Platform for Presenting and Implementing Research on Systemic Risk Data Center, Systemic Risk Lab, Policy Center LOEWE 2014 Systemic risk, risk measurement, risk modelling, contagion 22522 1
David Card, Nathanael Vellekoop Bonus Income and Household Saving Household Finance LOEWE 2014 household finance, behavioral economics, permanent income hypothesis, household bargaining 11338 1
Reint Gropp, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer, Carlo Wix Banking Market Structure and Catastrophic Risk Financial Intermediation LOEWE 2014 diversification benefits, banking market structure, banking liberalization, catastrophic risk 11132 1
Thomas Otter, Matthias Rumpf Are Financial Advisors (Good) Match-Makers? Household Finance LOEWE 2013 financial advice, rule based recommendations, heterogeneity, retirement saving, survey based experiments, Bayesian inference 11327 0