Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld

Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld
Program Area:
Experiment Center
Coordinator, SAFE Experiment Center, Senior Researcher, SAFE Fellow
Goethe University Frankfurt
RuW 4.228
Author/s Title Program Area Published
Michael Kosfeld, Ulrich Schüwer Add-On Pricing in Retail Financial Markets and the Fallacies of Consumer Education
Review of Finance
Household Finance, Experiment Center 2017
Researcher Project Funded by Status Project Duration Publication Count
Julian Detemple, Michael Kosfeld Collective Action and Institution Formation - The Role of Group Size SAFE Ongoing 2020 0
Kevin Bauer, Yan Chen, Florian Hett, Michael Kosfeld Social Identity Bias in Information Processing and Information Demand SAFE Ongoing 2020 0
Fabian Braun, Andrej Gill, Andreas Hackethal, Florian Hett, Michael Kosfeld, Christine Laudenbach Household Cash Management SAFE Ongoing 2020 0